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Clinical Trials Digital Hub

Explore the CF Trials Tracker and our clinical trials booklet, and access loads of useful information on taking part in clinical trials.

Explore the Trials Tracker

18 March 2020: Due to COVID-19 some cystic fibrosis (CF) clinical trials may be suspended with new trials postponed. Please see the relevant advice on the COVID-19 Q&A page. 

What are clinical trials?

Find out more about what clinical trials are, and the vital difference they make to CF care. Or why not sign up to our clinical trials newsletter to stay up to date with the latest cystic fibrosis clinical trials updates? You can find out more about our work by following the hashtag #future4CF on social media.

Clinical trials booklet

The majority of information on these pages is also available within our clinical trials booklet (13.7MB). Hard copies can also be requested from your CF team or by contacting our helpline.

CF Trials Tracker

Our Trials Tracker lists CF clinical trials and research studies open for recruitment with details about each trial and details of who to contact for more information. You can use the Trials Tracker to enquire about or apply for cystic fibrosis clinical trials.

Explore the Trials Tracker

If you are a Sponsor or Researcher and your clinical trial is not listed on the CF Trials Tracker but you would like it to be added, please contact

Taking part in clinical trials

Head to our page on taking part in clinical trials to find out more about the process and what might be expected of you.

Clinical trials for young people

If you are a young person thinking about taking part in clinical trials, you'll find loads of useful information and resources to help you make the right decisions for you.

Informed Consent

Informed Consent is an important part of getting involved in clinical trials. Find out more about the process.

Clinical trials stories

Hear from the people who featured in our clinical trials booklet and who have taken part in some of the clinical trials that have shaped CF care over the years.

Meet the team

There are a number of different people that take part in cystic fibrosis clinical trials. Take a look at some of the roles that you might come into contact with.

After a clinical trial

Find out more about what should happen after you take part in a clinical trial.


Some of the terminology and wording surrounding clinical trials may be new or confusing. In our glossary we have listed descriptions of some of the more commonly use terms.


You don't have to take part in a clinical trial to influence trial development and contribute towards groundbreaking research.  Find out more about how you can get involved.

Trials Tracker

We have created a brand new CF Trials Tracker so that you can easily access the trials that relate to you. Search by genotype or trial type, and save your favourites!

Taking part

Find out more about taking part in a clinical trial. We've got information on everything from trial types to eligibility and consent as well as links to loads of useful resources.

Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform

Find out more about our UK-wide initiative to bring together existing CF centres to improve access and participation in trials.